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The Art of Ugly Covers Volume One Kalender 2021

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The Art of Ugly Covers Volume One Kalender 2021 There was a time when 900 square centimeters...mehr

The Art of Ugly Covers Volume One Kalender 2021

There was a time when 900 square centimeters meant the world. 30 centimeters high, 30 centimeters wide - and as many, as dazzling as possible. One could get addicted to the extraordinarily beautiful, particularly original, but above all strikingly designed record covers.

This mixed art form of still life, snapshot and self-marketing was for a long time decisive for whether a long-playing record flopped or became a top seller - and if it went really well, it could even become an icon. Like the covers of the Beatles album "St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", the sex pistols disc "Never mind the Bollocks" or the Nirvana shocker "Nevermind".

However, some covers today attract our attention for other reasons: because they are ugly. So ugly that they're beautiful again! Can this be? We have collected the ugliest and we think so. These covers are the Adidas gloss suit and the mustache of the cover design. Hot goods!

In the first edition of the wall calendar, we show 12 of the ugliest exhibits, the absolute low points of the design. But be careful: don't look too long! Your eyes could be damaged.

  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Maße: ca. 32,7 cm / 32,7 cm / 1,5 cm ( B/H/T ).
  • Herausgegeben von Oliver Seltmann
  • Fotos von Bernd Jonkmanns
  • Verlag: Seltmann + Söhne
  • 14 Seiten
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